3D Printing in 2013

Do you believe in 2013 3D Printer?

Ok, Let's go on 3D printers tour.You this time think about it is possible, yes it is possible in 2013. And how it is work and examples in over site.
2 & 3 dimensional solid parts in the printers or there solid is digital mode.Using Additive Processes in 3D Printer or successive layers of material is in a printer.
And it is use in different type of business and factories like footwear,construction, education, Civil engineering, jewellery, architecture and many other fields.   
It is also use in print of 3dimensional parts and very blessing for  world and it is more useful in over life and other parts of life like Schools, Collages, Ans Engineering students.

 How to work it is?

It is also flexible for new print and 3dimensional prints so we are see how to work it is?

Step1:- It is take 3D data from us.
Step2:-3D parts through an additive.
Step3:-And process of all layer to layer by layer.
Step4:-Then same shape of input data easily.
Step5:-And Output means exit of 3d part in machine.

So this machine is coming soon is 2013 and there price only $10,000.

Advantages of 3d printer

1)  It is woks very fast.
2) It is more colorful.
3) It is more flexible and easily crop of solid parts.
4) It is Compressed more design.
5) 3dimensional printer is have multiple prototype.