Keyboard for smart phones and iphones.

Best Technology for phones.

This is a best idea for iphones and smart phones.It is also reached for maturity in environments.This is version of virtual keyboard or emerged from  sense-board technologys in Sweden and Israel.

How to work this gadget?

The half keyboard size is about a scientific calculator.Write or on a desk in with a pen. The pen is very stylus for faster editing and navigation, delivering input speedy to 80% as fast as a other slandered keyboard.

The keyboard is consists of two hands mounted pads that allow finger movement the intended keystroke.It is neural network and transfer the information wireless to using to Bluetooth technology.

Other information of gadget.

It system is base of Qwerty touch typing gadget.And it is a small projector. And the virtual keyboard over comes this an infrared base on optical display of the keys on flat surface.And it is also flexible and enable of virtual mouse functionality.