What is Function in C language.

C is a middle level language and many futures in available in C.It means c is base of all programming language or C is a best programming language of us.Today many components of operating system like windows 7, windows 8, or Linux etc. is make on C programming language. And today many components of application or system software is make on C programming language .

So C's one future is introduction is available in this site. That is function.The function is best futures in C programming language. function is also use to reduce length of program. It means that futures is also useful for programmer.

What is Function? 

Function is a module or block of program code which perform particular task.

What is need of function in  C?

  1. Function are the building blocks where every program activity occurs.
  2. Function are self contain program blocks, That carry out sum specific and well defined tasks.
  3. Function can be use to reduce the length of program.
  4. Function can be easy to solve error it means debugging is easy using function.
  5. Function It provided the facilities of reusability of modeler.

Function Types:

  1. Built in Function.
  2. User define function.

Built in Function:

  1. The library(Built in Function.) is provided by the system.
  2. It is store in library like stdio.h and conio.h.
  3. There are many library function are available in C.

User Define Function:

  1. The function is use to start the program execution.