How to change your name in Google account.

Google is a best search engine and best Email services or other more services is provided for we. So many times our information is wrong in our account. So i will talk about How to change your name in Google account and How to Edit your Google account. So let's read this our special post or improve knowledge about Google Services or open and edit account in Google. 

How to create account in Google. 

So first we learn about how to create Google account. So first open your Google homepage of your browser or open any one Google services like Google mail or Google plus. And in the services click following logo.
And then fill up all information and click sign up button.

And after if you change your account details then go your Google plus account and click on about menu. Like following Image.

And then click any one Edit link like following image.

And then automatically open following window

And all setting is here available so edit your profile and any thing from your profile.