How to use Google as a best proxy server

How to use Google as a best proxy server

If you want to access some webpage which is blocked at your workplace, or that website is behind a paywall and some error in access that website than some of the undocumented Proxy server of Google is help to access this all pages or blocked website.

How to work Google Proxy Server

             When you open any website using Google Proxy Server at that time content of that page is get download on Google server and served to you.

Google Proxy Servers

1) Google Translate as a Proxy Server

             yes, this is a not a any joke but real. You can also use Google Translate as a best Proxy server. only just open Google Translator or paste url of blocked website and translate that page in any other language. This is best way to open blocked site like Youtube or Facebook.
2) Google Mobilizer as a Proxy

           Next best proxy is Google Mobilizer, this is unknown tools of Google but very useful. Google Mobilizer makes any web page mobile-friendly, but here css is not work in Google Mobilizer.

Click Here To See Example Of Google Mobilizer as a Proxy Server

3) Google Modules as a Proxy

         Last and best Proxy server of Google is Google Modules. domain is a part of Google Home page when you open at that time page is redirect at Google Homepage. 
Advantages : This Google Proxy is allow to Download Files

I hope you enjoy this all proxy server which is provide by Google and access all blocked site. If you have other Google Proxy Server then you can also contact me at and you can write more information about Google as a Proxy Server at Here.