10 real facts about Google.

In this topic I'm going to provide real facts about Google. which is you did't know and you should know as a user of Google. This all facts are very interesting and shocking so you feel awesomeness.

1) Simple Homepage

Under this topic I'm going to provide information about reason simple homepage of Google. Google is research project by Larry page and Sergey Brin. Very shocking reason the home page of Google is very simple is when Google is found at that time the founder of Google did't know knowledge of HTML, he just wanted a quick and simple user interface. that's why Google home page is very simple but attractive, at that time in Google home page there are no any search button or I'm felling lucky button, If we want to search then we need to press return button.

2) Finding of Orkut

Orkut is a very well-known social networking size in world which is owned by Google and founded by Orkut Buyukoten who born in Turkey. Orkut is very famous and popular in Brazil. Orkut is designed to meet friends and existing relationships. In Orkut user can make changes in their interface using lots of inbuilt themes. optional integrate of Orkut is Gtalk to chating. user can also share file with Gtalk. Earlier in Orkut anybody can see the status of other like Images, Videos or other, it means there are no any high privacy is available. 

3) Google Translator

Google Translator is launched in 2006, at that time there only two language is supported by Translator English or Arabic. Google Translator is largest translator in the world. This Translator is also owned by Google.  This is machine translation type translator. There are no any registration is required to use this translator. Google translator does not apply any grammatical rules. After a launching of Google translation service, Google won a best reviews for translation facility. Because Google translator use machine translation so there are no any grammatical rules approach. Google translator is very easiest way to translate any language to other any language.

4) The Name "Google"

This is very important and shocking fact of Google. Google word is nothing else but just mistake of Googol, Yes, this is not a joke, but reality. Googol means basic facts. Larry and Brin decided to name of this project is Googol, but at the time of writing Googol, a speling mistake by Larry and Brin. And today this simple project is famous as a Google.

5) Google Doodle

We are all know about Doodles, but we don't know real facts about Doodle or the birth of Doodle. The famous homepage of Google is known as "Doodles" it means the name Google into design in logo graphics are very attractive for all users, doodles is use to mark and indicate a event, but first doodles is designed as a type of "out of office" message?.

When a Larry and Brin went to Nevada for Burning Man Festival, from this festival, The burning man doodle was designed by the Google mans that is Larry and Brin. and added as a homepage when any technical issues create like a server crash.

6) Google Renting Goats

This is amazing fact about and unbelievable facts about Google. According to title may be you think this is joke!!!, but is not a joke but this is a fact of Google. May be you this why Goats?, Google rent a goats to cut the weeds. Google rent Goats from "california grazing" company. "california grazing" is a special company for weed cutting using a goats. in earlier Google rent more than 200 goats.

7) The First Storage For Google is created using LEGO.

This fact is funny but not a wrong, The first storage device of Google is created using LEGO, size of first storage device is 40 GB which is less then modern iPod. When Larry and Brin need a easily expandable storage device at that time they construct a storage device of ten 4 GB drives with LEGO. And the primary colours of LEGO bricks is colour of Google logo. Using LEGO construction the storage device it is easy to expand, but the size of first storage device is very small compare than modern devices.

8) First tweet from Google

The first tweet of Google is in binary format, may be you think how this possible. But this is true.
First Tweet like this...
“I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010."

9) Mail services of Google "Gmail"

Now Gmail is very well-known Email service in the world. Gmail is free Email service provided and owned by Google. very important in Gmail is IP tracking, we can easily get IP address using Gmail account with DOS command, but people does't know about DOS command. You can find IP address from section of resent account activity. Gmail also provide image dragging facility for us. If we want to attach a any images then we need only drag a image to text area and it will attach it self. There are other more secrete is available which you should know such as you can directly
store your gmail attachment into your Google drive. And there are extra security options is available such as 2 step verification to provide more security.

10) Google also like charitable work.

This is a proudly fact of Google. Google has non-profit community for people. Yes, Google also like a charitable work so made Google.org only for charitable work and each year Google donate $100,000,000 in grants. Google is also help for education field. In 2005, Google have donated 40$ million for girls education and empowerment.